8 Powerful Hacks to Boost Your Productivity and Become Exceptionally Successful


Planning is basic. It is understood that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. There is no need to address the obvious. What usually happens with enthusiastic souls among us is that they plan to the minutest details. Their plans are jam-packed with so much stuff that 24 hours are not enough. They try to squash several hefty activities in small windows of time. Kicking off with a spurt of motivation at the outset, in a little while they feel exhausted. Ultimately, they fail to achieve the least. Wonder why they weren’t able to pull it off?

Willpower Depletion

We start our days with a limited stock of willpower. Each time we have to make a decision, a portion of the stock is consumed. The more crossroads we face the sooner we will run out of stock.

80/20 Rule

It is proven with a plethora of research that 80% of activities we do give us 20% returns and 20% of our activities have 80% value. So, jot down the tasks that give you the most value in return and strikethrough those which you do just because they have to be done.

Less is More

Less is more. Things don’t work out well when we try to fill the glass beyond its brim. Human beings are anatomically capable of limited focus only. Miscellany is a cause of confusion. Hence to achieve more, concentrate on less. It is not normal for a person to achieve greatness in the spectra of disciplines.

Conservation of Momentum

The law states that a mass at rest tends to stay at rest and a mass in motions tends to continue to do so. Simply said, momentum is conserved.

First Step

Starting out is the most important and difficult phase of any activity. Taking the initiative is the biggest obstacle that most of us face while undertaking any endeavor. However, usually it is the only one.

Start Small

Without injections of gratification, it is tremendously difficult to accomplish grandeur. An effective strategy is to start small and progressively move toward greater ambitions.

Time to Reflect

No plan is cast in stone. In today’s ever-changing and advancing world aspirations are in continuous flux. Yuval Noah in his book “21 Lessons for 21st Century” informed this generation about the most in-demand skill of the upcoming times. He believes that the “ability to learn a new skill” is to become the most valuable skill.



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Muhammad Salman Rafi

Muhammad Salman Rafi


I'm a freelance content writer. I write on Science & Technology, Construction & Architecture and Photography.